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UTROV Recovery Frame

The remotely operated Mattress Recovery Tool was designed for the coninuing decommissioning of subsea assests in the North sea's oil fields. The use of URS's recovery tool meant that a safe and easy solution for the recovery of concrete mattresses was now possible, completed by an operator using the Utility ROV (UTROV) to control the tool from the surface via the remote cameras and sensors. The first project the UTROV system was deployed for was for the removal of over 9000 boulders in the English channel, the second system has just been mobilised for the use in the Baltic.

Trials for the UTROV recovery tool were performed at SPS's Dundee facility. The trial was set out to mimic the subsea operations for the recovery of 150 and 300mm concrete mattresses weighing 5te and 9te respectively.

The UTROV has a DNV certified lift member and can be fitted with multiple implements for: