Other News

CWA Germany 20th April 2016

Supply of 32no. Concrete mattresses for Bohlen Doyen for the use on the CWA project in Germany.

Order was manufactued and loaded from the SPS Great Yarmouth (UK) Facility.

Ballast Blocks 20th August 2015

Pipeline Ballast weights supplied to support subsea turbines for the worlds first community owned tidal turbine in the Shetland Islands, UK. 

Installed in autumn 2015, the 4.5 tonne Ballast blocks will sit more than 100ft bellow surface to help secure the Shetland turbines power lines.


Dudgeon OWF 8th August 2015

Supplied from our Great Yarmouth base SPS Loaded out 4te Rock Filter Units.

All SPS Rock Filter Units are to be installed for the scour protection on Dudgeon offshore windfarm, which is set to produce enough 'green' energy to power 410,000 UK homes.

Cladhan Speedloader success 10th July 2015

With the use of SPS speedloaders a total of 150no. Concrete Fleximats were loaded onto a vessel in quick succession.

5no. SPS Concrete fleximats could be lifted at once using the Speedloader system, considerably reducing the vessels mobilisation time, completing the loadout within a 8 hour period.

Applecross 24th June 2015 

SPS were award the contract by GSS Plant to supply various concrete stabilisation products for the Raasay CS project.

Concrete fleximats, Pipeline collars and a purpose made headwall block supplied by SPS are to be installed off Kyle Harbour, Scotland autumn 2015.

Yarmouth Mobilisation 12th June 2015

The joint load out of Concrete Fleximats for the Baltic II OWF, and the Godewind OWF.

The successful mobilisation within the Great Yarmouth Harbour allowed for easy access, and a quick load time. A total 100no. Concrete fleximats we’re supplied for the stabilisation of subsea cables for the growing renewable energy sector. 

Kings Lynn Wash 4th May 2015

SPS supplied over 200 number 1.5te large Mulitflex Sand Bags to VolkerStevin.

The bags installed using SPS multi installation lifting equipment was used as scour protection around  wind turbines in the Wash of Kings Lynn.

Quad 204 23rd April 2014

SPS have been awarded the Contact by Technip to supply Concrete Mattresses for the Quad 204 Project.

Order of the 125No. Concrete Fleximats with attached anti abrasive padding was completed Spring 2014. Along with the additional order of SPS Logmats June 2014. 

Delivery for Quad 204 began out of our Dundee (UK) base on July 10th 2014.

Baltic II 7th January 2014

Subsea Protection Systems have been awarded the contract by Baltic Taucherei to supply concrete fleximats for stabilisation and scour protection of array and export cables in the north sea.

SPS loaded out concrete mattresses from Great Yarmouth (UK) on 5th March 2014.

Kizomba Satellites 27th December 2013

SPS continues their successful relationship with Saipem with the award of KSP II.

Awarded in December of 2013, SPS designed and manufactured complex crossing supports for pipeline installation on the Kizomba Satellites project, offshore Angola. The purpose made 12 Metre structures were completed Febuary 2014 at the SPS Great Yarmouth (UK) facility.

Litchendjili 13th December 2013

Following the recent work with Saipem, SPS successfully completed the order for concrete mattresses, and a purpose built hydraulic lifting frame for Saipems ongoing work offshore Angola.

Completion of manufacting for this order was in March 2014.

Hess FFFA Decommissioning 23rd May 2012

Bibby Offshore awarded SPS limited the contract to supply Speedloaders for the removal of concrete mattresses from the Hess Fife Flora Fergus Angus fields. 

SPS invested in a large number of new units and upgraded them to the design requirements of the project. During the progress of the removal of in excess of 900 mattresses of various sizes some were wet stored in the speedloaders for over 6 months. It was concluded that Speedloaders were the best solution for the project needs

The Project Manager commented 

Working closely with SPS, Bibby Offshore assisted in gaining the subsea certification of the speedloaders to ensure they were fully compliant with current rules for the recovery of the mattresses to a vessel deck.

The use of speedloaders greatly improved the efficiency for the safe recovery of the mattresses from the seabed in batches, thus reducing the overall duration and enhancing the overall performance of the works carried out.’