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Handling and Installation Equipment

As set out in the description of its Products, SPS pays due consideration to issues around their handling and deployment and the corresponding certification of handling equipment. SPS can design and supply handling and deployment systems for all of its products, for purchase or hire. Alternatively purpose built frames can be designed for specifc client requirements

Deployment Systems may be operated by: -

  • Diver Subsea
  • ROV Subsea
  • From deck of Installation vessel
  • Hydralic releasement system


See Full use of one of our custom built hydralic frames in use



SPS we work hard to find the best solutions possible for our customers. In order to improve efficiency during vessel mobilisations and offshore, we have designed and manufactured a range of Concrete Mattress Speedloaders to allow customers to mobilise / deploy multiple Concrete Mattresses in one simple lift rather than multiple individual lifts.

  • Save up to 80% vessel loading time.
  • Each Speedloader is rated to 25Te SWL & Designed to DNV 2.7-1
  • Certified for use offshore - ideal for wet storing mats in minimal duration
  • Lift 5 off 6x3x0.15m mats in one simple lift instead of 5 lifts
  • Lift 3 off 6x3x0.3m mats in one simple lift instead of 3 lifts